Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide estimates over the phone?
Yes! Based on information you provide us, we can give you an approximate estimate if all the questions are answered correctly. Ex.: number of rooms, number of bathrooms, square footage, etc.
Are you licensed and insured?
Yes! We are both licensed and insured and we can provide all information if it is required.
Do you have references available?
Yes! All of our customers are highly satisfied with our services and we can provide you with the information of some of them.
Can your House Cleaning Service be done on a weekly basis?
Absolutely! Most of our customers request a weekly maid service, but we also have customers on a every-other week cycle or every-four week cycle. We also provide one-time service, move-in and move-out cleaning service.
Does the cost remain the same if I choose a regular service?
The first cleaning usually costs more than any subsequent visits so it is more economical to choose a regular service. This is because the first cleaning usually requires more effort to meet our strict standards of clean. Please note that price may increase in certain circumstances, for example: you didn’t have a pet when we gave you a quote, or you had carpet and now you have hardwood floors, etc.
Can I get some areas of my house cleaned? or does it have to be the whole house?
We understand that some people may not use all the rooms in the house and may not need to have them all cleaned, of course we can do partial house cleaning, the day we come to give you a quote you let us know what you want us to clean and we’ll be happy to do it for you!
How many people will be sent to my home?
We assign 2-3 ladies per job, depending on the size of the job.
Can I trust the maids?
Yes! We only send trusted, and dependable employees to your house.
How long does it take for them to clean my house?
It will depend on the size of the house. we can give you an idea of how long it will take, but can not guarantee it won’t take longer since we don’t leave until we are done, even if it takes us a lot longer than what we anticipated.
Do you require a contract?
No, we’re happy to earn your business each time we clean your house; However if you were given a quote for every two weeks and you decide to skip or cancel one cleaning, then, the quote for the monthly cleaning may apply
Do you bring your own cleaning supplies and equipment?
Yes, we will provide all the cleaning supplies and equipment, If you’d like us to use your cleaning equipment or any special cleaning supply, just let us know, and we will be happy to do so.
Will you send the same ladies each time?
Yes, we will send the same ladies each time. doing that will help them to become familiar with the customer needs.
Do I need to be home when they come?
You are welcome to be home to meet our cleaning providers but we understand that you are not always able to be home. In case you are not home please leave a key in some safe place, place a key lock on the door or any other method you may prefer to allow the ladies to have access to your home.
What if I need to switch my cleaning to a different week?
If you give us enough notice we’ll be more than happy to accommodate you on the week that you want us to come and we can come two weeks in a row.
What if the cleaning team is not able to access my home because I forgot to leave a key?
Unfortunately, in this situation our company will already have allocated that time slot to you and will have traveled to your home. We expect that you will understand that it is only fair to charge half of the cleaning.
Can I provide a key for the ladies to keep with them so I don’t have to worry about missing my cleaning appointments?
Sure. In fact most of our customers are not able to be home when the team arrives, and many provide us a key so that the ladies can get in. Other customers use a key lock box, or leave a key hidden in a safe place.
What if my scheduled cleaning falls on a holiday?
We will contact you in advance to reschedule your service.
What if I need to cancel at the last minute?
We require 72 hours notice of any changes to a scheduled appointment. If you do not provide sufficient notice you may be charged a last-minute cancellation fee, which will be half of the cleaning. Please note that if this becomes a routine we will have to charge you a different price, for example: if you were given a quote for a Bi-weekly cleaning and cancel at the last minute, we’ll have to charge you the last minute fee, if you give us enough notice and cancel in that case will have to charge you the monthly price the following time we come.
What time can I expect the ladies to arrive?
While it is not possible to give a specific time because factors such as previous appointments being delayed and traffic can affect the schedule, we’ll tell you the approximate time.
What method of payment do you accept?
Venmo is our favorite method of payment, but we also accept checks, Online banking, Zelle, and of course cash.
Who do I make the check payable to?
James River Residential Cleaning, LLC (We’ll leave an envelope every time we come for you to put the check in for the next time we come).
If you have any other questions please feel free to call us at: (804) 980-0598 We will be happy to help to you.